French Football Club PSG Ticketing System Hacked In Cyber Attack

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is one of France's top football teams. It has been the target of a cyberattack.

The club's ticketing system was specifically targeted. It raises worries about data security and the protection of fan information. This is because of the Champions League quarter-finals approach.

On April 3, the Information Systems Department of Paris Saint-Germain noticed unusual access attempts to the club's ticketing system. Unusual access attempts were detected by the Paris Saint-Germain Information Systems Department on April 3.

This worrying revelation spurred a swift response from the club's cybersecurity staff. Later on, it was uncovered and fixed a weakness in less than 24 hours.

In order to strengthen its defenses against similar attacks, PSG quickly adopted extra security measures.

The club's proactive approach continued.

According to regulatory requirements, PSG notified CNIL of the violation by April 5.

Per legal regulations and its dedication to openness, PSG has also initiated the process of alerting individuals. But the matter of worry is that it may be affected by the cyberattack.

According to a recent report in Le Parisien, a French football club's ticketing system was the victim of a cyberattack.

Assurances in the Face of Fears

Despite the alarming severity of the compromise, PSG has attempted to reassure supporters and stakeholders.

The club's message adds that “based on the character of the reported access attempts, there is currently no proof that the attackers retrieved or abused any data.”

However, the breach did reveal several forms of personal information. It involves - names, email and postal addresses, cell phone numbers, dates of birth, account positions, and partially veiled IBANs.

As the Champions League quarter-final match approaches, PSG has made it plain that it remains cautious about the possible consequences of the cyber incident.

The club guarantees its followers that it has taken every reasonable measure to rectify the matter and avoid repeat incidents.

This cyberattack on PSG's ticketing system demonstrates the digital infrastructure risks that even the most famous sports teams confront.

PSG prepares for its upcoming Champions League match. Supporters, cybersecurity professionals, and football teams worldwide. It is so because it wants to see how the club responds and recovers from the cyberattack.