A hacker gained access to Tile's customer support platform in the Life360 breach

Life360, a company known for its family protection services, just fell victim to an illegal extortion attempt. The company obtained emails from an anonymous actor declaring to have Tile customer data. Upon obtaining these emails, Life360 promptly analyzed and caught unauthorized access to the Tile client support medium.

The compromised data contains names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and Tile device label numbers. Fortunately, more sensitive details such as credit card numbers, passwords, log-in credentials, location data, and government-issued identification numbers were not concerned, as the Tile consumer support medium did not store these details.

The extent of the breach

Life360 acknowledges that the happening was restricted to the precise Tile client support details defined above and is not more overall. The company has taken quick steps to ensure its systems and control unauthorized access. “We take this occasion and the protection of client data especially,” a Life360 representative said. “We have accepted and will resume to take steps created to also guard our systems from harmful actors.”

Participation in law enforcement

In reply to the breach and extortion try, Life360 has reported the happening to law enforcement officers. The organization stays dedicated to supporting families securely online and on the entire earth.

“We stay determined to support families secure online and in the real world,” the representative added. Life360’s swift reaction and clarity in handling the case show their commitment to consumer protection and faith. As the research persists, Life360 advises its clients to stay alert and report any suspicious action linked to their Tile reserves. The organization will deliver updates as more details become available.