A New Netflix-Styled App That is Actually a Ransomware

As the subscription economy continues to grow at a rapid rate, the same model has now entered the dark web. Nowadays, people are downloading a new app in pursuit to get free Netflix premium accounts. What they actually are downloading is a malware strain known as Netix. The new Netflix-styled ransomware encrypts users’ data and in return, demands $100 in bitcoins to unlock their files. 

An increasing percentage of attacks are carried out in this model, which is also called the RaaS or Ransomware as a Service model. Although it is impossible to identify the number of such attacks, it is clear that the creators are cashing in from their customers.

How does this Netflix-styled ransomware work?

The app called Netix or Netflix Login Generator is downloaded by users looking to get some free premium accounts to watch their favorite Netflix content without paying. The app comes with a few leaked Netflix accounts, which users can obtain in order to access the Netflix content for free. In reality, the app only provides some fake accounts that don’t even work, obviously.

Once a user downloads the app, it shows what it calls a “login password generator”. In reality, it's just a distraction. In simple words, the app keeps you busy while encrypting your data. Once you finally finish that “login password generator” thing, you will see a pop-up or a ransom note on your screen. At this point, the user comes to know about the fact that he/she has been targeted by ransomware. 

RaaS - A sophisticated yet criminal business model

Raas or Ransomeware as Service providers sell their services using complex business models and marketing strategies. The whole strategy is to target people who want maximum returns with minimum effort. 

RaaS service providers sell expertise and make sure to keep their customers at a safe distance in order to avoid detection and prosecution. The business model allows minimally skilled attackers to operate more sophisticated attacks. 

How businesses can ensure safety from ransomware?

As the risk of ransomware attacks is increasing, the need to resist and secure yourself from these attacks remains paramount. Here are a few points that businesses can work on:

  1. Make sure you take stock of all fixed or portable devices that can connect to your technology platforms. That way, you will be able to locate any unauthorized devices and secure them. 
  2. Your business’ technology infrastructure is the most vulnerable thing that might be at risk. Level up your malware detection and defense techniques.
  3. Vulnerabilities in your business can be limited but never eliminated. Make sure your operating system and other software are up to date. 
  4. Last but not least! Make sure you have internet security tools or software installed on your systems. These tools help you anticipate the threats and act accordingly. 

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