A Year After the Rockstar Breach, GTA 5 Source Code was Purportedly Published Online

A little more than a year after the Lapsus$ threat actors breached Rockstar games and stole company information, the source code for Grand Theft Auto 5 was purportedly released on Christmas Eve.

The hackers had previously leaked stolen Rockstar data from a Telegram channel, a dark web website, and Discord, where links to download the source code were posted.

The proprietor of the Grand Theft Auto leak Telegram group, using the handle “Phil,” shared a screenshot of one of the folders along with links to the stolen source code.

The channel has also paid homage to Lapsus $ hacker Arion Kurtaj, who earlier leaked pre-release GTA 6 videos by the name “teapotuberhacker”. Recently, Kurtaj was sentenced to an unknown hospital stay by a judge in the UK for hacking into the Uber & Rockstar servers.

The members of the Lapsus$ Hacking Group hacked into the Rockstar Games to gain access to the company’s internal Confluence WiKi & Slack Server. By that time, the hacker group affirmed to have stolen the assets & source code of both GTA 5 & GTA 6. As per their claim, it also includes the GTA 6 testing build, along with some content leaked on Telegram and various other forums.

As proof of this malicious activity, the threat actors have shared samples of the game’s source code as well. According to VX-Underground (Security Research Group), they spoke to the Discord president, and he said that the source code was leaked much sooner than he expected.

A VX-Underground post reads, “They claim to have received the source code August, 2023. Their motivation was to combat scamming in the GTA V modding scene, many people were allegedly scammed by people claiming to have the GTA V source code.”