Devious cookie practices lead CNIL to fine Yahoo! 10 million euros

 Yahoo an American web services provider, which was the most used browser service before Google recently got into trouble with CNIL because of their dodgy practices of cookie data.

CNIL is a French web service regulator body and acts as the filter for web services' malicious practices.

On Thursday CNIL gave a fine slip to Yahoo! of 10 million euros. In a statement, CNIL claimed that the American web service provider is using devious means of cookie use. In their words “failing to respect the choice of Internet users who refused cookies on its main website and for not allowing users of its e-mail client to freely withdraw their consent to cookies."

The fine was imposed on Yahoo EMEA Ltd. The company has said that they are reviewing the situation and will counter appropriately to the situation. In their official statement, they said they are taking "appropriate next steps," to correct and deal with the fine and its claims.

Allegedly, it was found that the data was being used for advertising the users, around 20 cookies were being used for this purpose. These cookies were stealing data from users to give them advertisements without their consent.

The issue CNIL found was that users are unable to take their assent and acquiescence back. The only way to do so is to switch out of Yahoo!’s e-mail services.