Data Breach Investigation by Zscaler After Hacker Claims Access for Sale

Zscaler Inc., a cybersecurity company, is examining a potential information infringement. The research is driven by a claim by a famous cyberpunk who has remarked that they are dealing with access to Zscaler Inc.'s systems and data.

On Wednesday, a hazard actor, “IntelBroker,” broadcasted on a shady web platform proposing to sell entrance to a cybersecurity company with $1.8 billion in earnings, which corresponds to Zscaler’s profile. The pirate declared the access contains “secret and highly required logs sealed with certifications,” SMTP access, SSL credentials, and other susceptible data. The requested price was $20,000 in cryptocurrency.

In reaction, Zscaler publicized a notification on its faith portal expressing it has established a question but has not discovered proof of a violation. “We handle every possible hazard and claim very remarkably and will resume our rigorous analysis,” the company declared. “Zscaler’s focus is our consumer and production atmosphere and we have not found any proof of this happening or compromise to these circumstances. We are resuming our research and watching the condition.”

The company last delivered an update remarking that it found “remote test conditions on a single server (without any consumer data) which was revealed to the internet.” Zscaler said this test environment was brought offline for forensic investigation but repeated that no company, buyer, or production systems were affected.

IntelBroker has been connected to several high-profile data breaches in the past year, including hacks of DC Health Link, Acuity, Home Depot, and the Los Angeles International Airport. The cyberpunk’s actual individuality is anonymous. Zscaler is one of the biggest cloud guard providers, helping over 6,000 consumers globally. The company’s product price fell around 4% in trading on Wednesday following the violation claims.

The possible violation emphasizes the continuing hazards meeting even the most well-known cybersecurity businesses. As the research persists, Zscaler consumers will be monitoring closely for any indications that their data has been compromised. The happening also highlights the significance of separating test environments from production systems to determine the explosion radius of any victorious intrusion.

Zscaler said further updates will be delivered as the research progresses. In the meantime, the business has not verified the genuineness of IntelBroker’s claims or whether a dealing for the apparent access has transpired.