Broadcom Merges Carbon Black with Symabtec Focusing Business Security

Broadcom has merged Symantec & Carbon Black, 2 innovative & engineering-driven cybersecurity brands. This strategic move aims to bolster the defense mechanisms of the world’s most regulated businesses working against the ever-evolving cybersecurity field.

Broadcom’s initiative to bring Symantec & Carbon Black together under the Enterprise Security Group is a testament to the company’s commitment towards cybersecurity. By combining the strengths of both brands, Broadcom is offering a comprehensive security solution to meet the unique challenges that large enterprises & partners face.

The New Enterprise Security GroupSymentec’s portfolio of Broadcom, known for its advanced security technology & research, focuses on data & network protection. Carbon Black complements this with its expertise in Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)and application control.

Integrating network & data telemetry from Symantec into Carbon Black’s offerings will enhance its customer visibility & control, ensuring a robust defense mechanism against cyber threats.

Innovation at the Core

This merger isn’t only about combining product portfolios; it is about setting up a new standard for innovation in the cybersecurity industry. Broadcom’s financial stability will fuel R&D efforts, leading to the development of cutting-edge solutions that cater to businesses operating both on-premises and in hybrid cloud environments.

Significant investments will be made in the engineering talent, with a focus on boosting Carbon Black’s exceptional engineering capabilities. Both brands are well-known in India, and Broadcom intends to increase its investment there. It promises no reduction in headcount but rather an expansion of resources & capabilities.

Enhanced Support for Partners & Customers

For customers, the immediate future will see the continued operation of Symantec & Carbon Black portfolios in their current states. However, they anticipate having access to a broader range of enterprise-class products supported by the best security professionals and ongoing innovation.

Through this combination, partners will also discover new prospects. With the help of Broadcom's targeted go-to-market strategy, the partners may increase sales, attract new clients, and expand their companies. Resources, assistance, and training will be given to partners to guarantee their success with Carbon Black solutions.

As the cybersecurity field is constantly evolving, the union of Carbon Black & Symantec under Broadcom’s Enterprise Security Group is a bold move toward creating a safer digital world for businesses around the world. Broadcom, with its emphasis on partner growth, customer support, and innovation, is well-positioned to lead the fight against cyber threats.