Top 10 Vulnerability Tools for Penetration Testing in 2024

So, you want to know what vulnerability tools are best in the market and which one should you use for your security testing. This is exactly what we are going to find out in this article. Today world is networking and networking is going online. With this advent, new opportunities are rising up and thus as the game goes new threats are also rising with them. Information technology is a monster of an Industry and it is growing every day more and more. And, as it is growing it is also alluring more and more risks and dangers towards itself every day.

To counter these threats there is a constant race in the industry to develop security tools and mechanisms. This is where tools like Vulnerability tools come into play. Vulnerability tools are the tools used to check the vulnerabilities in the system. The small holes and gaps in security, which are hard or in some cases impossible to find otherwise can be easily detected with vulnerability tools.

What are vulnerability tools?

Vulnerability tools are used in penetration testing. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is used in the systems to find out security risks. The vulnerability tools are designed in such a way that they will find and penetrate the system like any other outside hacking attack. The tools come in various coding patterns and variations for different systems, different tools can be more useful. These tools also have specific niches and can be used for specific testing operations. Some tools are specifically good for code error vulnerabilities and others can locate system weaknesses during the execution of a program or function.

Why penetration tests are important?

1. PCI-DSS regulations: There are mandatory regulations for online transactions which is basic for today’s businesses. These tests are to be performed to ensure card payment vulnerabilities that can occur during transactions. The tests are to be devised over the annual durations.   

2. To protect accounting records and revenue outcomes: Accounting records are at the biggest risk of attack as they can affect the revenue of the company adversely. Not only that, it also harms the confidentiality and trust of the organization. Which will be next to impossible to recover once damaged. Penetration tests help to find out how much effort and time it may take to get into account data of an organization and how can you rectify the loopholes or make it as secure as possible.

3. Testing and validating the security: To check the strength and verification of an organization, vulnerability penetration can act as the validating authority. It gives you surety and assurance in your security measures and strength.  

4. Act as the practical experience giver:  The penetration tests also give you a real-world attack simulation. Thus keeping your team ready and well-prepared for such attacks and scenarios.

5. Gateway testing filter: Any testing of the new technology ensures that it is ready for real-world usage and functioning. This is where vulnerable tools penetration testing is crucial. The testing gives you a clear image of where the product stands before you can send it off the market or for organizational usage.

These are the Top vulnerability tools for penetration testing:

  • OpenVAS Vulnerability Scanner
  • Tripwire IP360
  • Intruder vulnerability scanner
  • Comodo HackerProof
  • Nexpose community
  • Vulnerability Manager Plus
  • Nikto
  • Wireshark
  • Aircrack-ng
  • Retina network security scanner

1. Vulnerability Manager Plus

Vulnerability Scanner Tools

Vulnerability Manager Plus operates on different operating systems. The main feature of Vulnerability Manager Plus is that it can rectify the vulnerabilities on its own as it has an inbuilt tuning and rectification program. The vulnerability tool gives end-to-end management. This tool is best if you have a decentralized working system. This tool can test the systems on endpoints even if the systems are remote far away location the tool provides continual visibility and remedies to ongoing issues. The tool does an assessment thoroughly and constantly over a period of time. Vulnerability Manager Plus is also good for DMZ networking.

Trademark Attributes:

  • Supports all platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • End-to-end point management
  • Works well for remote location operations
  • Have an inbuilt remedy programming.
  • Provides continues visibility
  • Plenty of user-friendly features

2. Tripwire IP360

Vulnerability Scanner Tools

Tripwire is an agent-based monitoring system. The tool works well over different and mixed networking ecosystems.  This tool is used mostly for cloud-based or closed environments. With the update in the tool with Tripwire IP 360 9.0 version, the tool now gives agent-based vulnerability management. The tool prioritizes the threat based on the vulnerability and danger factors of the organizations. However,

the tool does not give a total agent-based approach. The scans that the tool does still follow the agentless tool pattern. 

Trademark Attributes:

  • Is an agent-based monitoring system
  • Takes a prioritized-based vulnerability approach.
  • The scans are based on agentless patterns.
  • Works in a hybrid networking environment
  • Tool is used for a closed cloud-based environment

3. Intruder Vulnerability Scanner

Intruder vulnerability scanner is another monitoring-based Scanner. The Scanner looks for the parameters in the system to detect any deviations. Performs automated scanning with point-to-point penetration testing. Also notifies the change in any parameter if it happens. The scanner gives a scan report while the scan is happening in the system. Also, the response is immediate or without much delay in most cases. It prioritizes the action based on the requirements of the system at the time.

Trademark Attributes:

  • Integrations with AWS, Slack, Jira, zure, and Google cloud.
  • Continuous attack surface monitoring combined with reduction makes it a good vulnerability factor deduction scanner.
  • Comes with automated cloud security.
  • One of the most easily accessible user interfaces.

4.Comodo hakerproof:

Vulnerability Scanning Tools

HackerProof has a regular scanning engine that does a thorough and deep analysis of any vulnerabilities in the system. The scan happens on a daily basis. It mainly scans the new generation websites for vulnerabilities. The engine is really powerful and does scans for even the most hidden loopholes in the system. The scanner mostly prevents drive-by attacks on the server network.

Trademark Attributes:

  • Comes with a powerful scanning engine.
  • Does daily scans to keep security updated
  • Shows indicators to ensure the safety to the owner
  • Search website vulnerabilities with clear and fast analysis
  • Scan the most hidden vulnerabilities.

5. Nessus Vulnerability Scanner