Tor Browser 13.0.15: Exciting Updates Await!

Open now on the Tor Browser launch page and through their allocation guide, this new version presents a series of important updates and bug binds that pledges to enhance the general user experience and safety framework.

What's Fresh in Version 13.0.15?

Star to this liberation is the update to Firefox 115.11.0esr, which fixes vulnerabilities and supports the browser against possible safety hazards. This update is essential as it provides users the advantage of the latest protection standards enforced in the underlying Firefox code.

Enhancements and Squashed Bugs

The Tor Browser unit has managed several key problems in this liberation:

  • Global Private Browsing: A significant fix in version 13.0.15 is the solution of a bug where the IndexDB’s guide was not being dismissed on browser shutdown in the international secret browsing method. 
  • This fix is a significant step towards improving privacy for users who depend on Tor for susceptible browsing movements.
  • Fresh Identity Checks: Introducing the HomePage module for new originality checks ensures that users can reliably reset their browsing individuality, improving obscurity and protection when required.
  • Onion Services Verification: The update also contains a fix for a deterioration in the Onion Services authentication quick direction, confirming that the authentication method is softer and safer.
  • Safety Backports: The liberation backports essential Android and desktop protection fixes from Firefox 126, additionally strengthening the browser against exterior hazards.

The Android version of Tor Browser has seen updates to GeckoView to align with the latest Firefox ESR, alongside fixes to the “What’s new” URL and speech impediments to enhance accessibility and user knowledge. The Tor Project facilitates users to deliver feedback on this latest liberation. Whether it’s a bug report or a recommendation for refinement, user intake is priceless in shaping upcoming updates.

The complete changelog since Tor Browser 13.0.14 facts all the enhancements and fixes, guaranteeing clarity and notifying users about the differences involving their browsing adventure. Tor Browser 13.0.15 is a testament to the Tor Project’s continued dedication to supplying a secure and user-friendly browsing experience.

With the separate update, the browser develops to help its residents of users who prioritize privacy and safety. Users are prompted to download the most delinquent version to take benefit of the new segments and progress, guaranteeing they stay shielded in the ever-evolving geography of internet safety.

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