TOP 10 Biggest Emerging Cybersecurity Threats for 2030

Nowadays, there are only a few individuals who are aware of the evolving cybersecurity threats. In the meantime, ENISA - European Union Agency for Cybersecurity has published a complete list of the top ten growing cybersecurity threats. It will enable the users to know how such threats will affect the digital landscape till 2030.

Once this anticipation came to light, an exclusive 8-month foresight exercise also came into existence. It is an indication of the incorporation of insights from the ENISA Foresight Expert Group, the CSIRTs Network, and EU CyCLONe experts.

ENISA’s Executive Director, Juhan Lepassaar put his entire focus on the high requirement of addressing these risks. His statement regarding it was -  “The mitigation of future risks cannot be postponed or avoided. This is why any insight into the future is our best insurance plan.”

If you are curious to be aware of the highlighted diversity of the threats, this blog is for you to read. Once you explore this blog post, you will come to know about the emerging nature of the ongoing challenges. So, let’s scroll down the post.

The Top 10 Cybersecurity Threats

In this section, we have outlined a well-structured list of the top 10 rising cybersecurity threats. Let’s have an overview of them.

1. Supply Chain Resolution for Software Requirements:

Systems have begun relying on more complicated and third-party constituents. It leads to a higher risk of attacks and exploitation. This way, the dependence on the software will most probably increase.

2. Inadequate skills:

There is no doubt that the cybersecurity industry is facing a big talent gap. As a result, it will probably provoke hazardous security breaches.

3. Human Error and Misuse of Legacy Systems in cyber-physical Ecology:

It is true that there is an availability of unprotected crucial infrastructure and IoT systems. And these are accountable for posing notable risks. These risks are - human errors and other threats as well.

4. Manipulation of unfixed and outdated systems:

Simply put, the enormous pace of technological advancements may give birth to overlooking the latest updates. Along with this, it can leave your systems vulnerable.

5. Growth of Online Authoritarianism, Loss of Privacy:

There are so many advancements in today’s surveillance technologies. And, surely, it may cause danger to individual privacy and information security as well.

6. International ICT Service Suppliers: A One-Source of Negligence

Individuals have begun relying on service providers rapidly. This way, it could give birth to crucial flaws. As a result, the entities will be compromised.

7. Modern Misinformation and Control Operations Events:

It is not a matter to deny that the disinformation campaigns are growing day by day. In such circumstances, societal trust and unity start being undermined.

8. Growth in Contemporary Hybrid Difficulties:

It is expected that in the coming years, cyberattacks will become more complex. Along with this, these attacks will comprise digital and physical protection dangers in unexpected ways.

9. Overuse of AI:

As AI technologies are continuously being misused, it would increase crimes and manipulation of data.

10. Physical Effects of Natural and Environmental Changes on Important Digital Infrastructure:

Natural disasters and changes in the environment are unforeseen. This way, it is possible that they may directly influence the flexibility of online infrastructures.


Ultimately, ENISA’s foresight analysis is the best tool that allows individuals to understand emerging threats. It also provides policymakers and cybersecurity practitioners with a plan. As a result, they get assistance to face these potential risks as well as mitigate them.

Generally speaking, the agency follows a proactive approach. The aim of doing so is to strengthen the cybersecurity of the European Union. This way, it contributes to increasing awareness and promoting measures among the stakeholders and member states.

Once you go through the discoveries of the report, you will be inspired to take action. Apart from this, you can also enhance the consciousness of the EU for the upcoming cybersecurity threats. So, it is clear that as the digital landscape is continuously evolving, the ENISA is highlighting the significance of frequent vigilance. Furthermore, it is also helpful to adapt to protect against the ever-evolving threat landscape.

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