Next-Gen threat intelligence for protection against modern threats

Ever-growing risks associated with cyberattacks may place your data security on the edge. Modern data-theft methods in addition, can compromise even the toughest of firewall protections, causing network infiltrations and more losses. TTB allows for an additional layer of security to counter suspicious activity related to malware and virus attacks. Advanced threat intelligence powered by TTB facilitates risk aversion and ensures that your business information remains safe at all times.

Stay protected from threats- known and unknown!

Most malware attacks can be recognized based on their past-behaviour, however, those with modified codes and language are difficult to track. TTB provides businesses and individuals with unparalleled visibility and expertise into threats that inflict devastating losses. Embrace threat intelligence capabilities powered by the knowledge and experience of a team of seasoned security personnel and research actors.

Improved Defenses

TTB understands the identity, targets, timing, encouraging factors and methods by which threats propagate through networks and systems. It then devises an algorithm to root out the same for even better protection.

Reduced Risks

TTB can effectively prioritize vulnerabilities and areas that are likely to be the most exposed to threats. As a result, risks get reduced and data loss cases are averted.

Improved system response

By studying indications and behaviours of threat actors, TTB can help systems reduce alert fatigue and actively surface malware attacks.

Operational Intelligence

TTB with its host of features including defense validation, threat identification, and more, helps lower security costs and improve the overall operational intelligence.

Ready to safeguard your systems with advanced threat intelligence?

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