Terms & Conditions

This page consists the terms and conditions of the usage of the TTB Security Products. Where ever the term we, our, us, TTB, TTB Security System, TTB Security Products and TTB Securities is used is referred to the brand name TTB. The terms you, yours, yourself, user are in reference for the user/ buyer.

Please read carefully the terms and conditions before installing or using any of our products. You should understand that if you are using any product of TTB Security System, you are bound by these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions constitute a legal contract between you and TTB Securities. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you may not accept the agreement and may not our products.


Your use of TTB Security products is governed by these terms and conditions which you should read carefully before using any product of TTB Securities. These conditions represent a contract between you and TTB. If you disagree to the terms and conditions, please do not install or use any product from TTB Securities.

These terms and conditions can be updated or amended with time. TTB takes no responsibility in providing any notification regarding updates and amendments to the user. Kindly, keep yourself updated timely.

These terms and conditions can be updated or amended with time.


The parties may disclose to each other confidential information which may include information concerning their respective business and technology. The products and product information are the confidential information of TTB. Each party must agree to maintain all the confidential information of all the other party in confidence, to not use or disclose any confidential information except permitted by this agreement.


TTB own and retain all rights, title and interest to the products, including all the intellectual property and proprietary rights. TTB owns and retains all right, title and interest in all software, documentation, questionnaire, algorithms, logic, methodologies, charts, reports or any other item. TTB reserves all rights.


TTB may, in its sole discretion, provide certain support and consultation to its customers. TTB is obligated to correct any bugs, defects or errors in the products.


TTB will provide you updates to the product, malware signatures and content. A user needs to update the security from time-to-time.


TTB Securities recognizes the importance of maintaining the privacy of personal data which it possesses and collects. By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree to be bound by TTB.


The governing language is English. This agreement can only be modified or amended with TTB’s written consent.