Hackers Successfully Breached Exactech Servers.

Exactech, a multinational manufacturer of surgical tools and implants, has acknowledged that it experienced a data breach that might have compromised the privacy of individuals. Exactech said in the statement that in April 2023 it noticed strange behavior on its computer network. According to the study, between April 4 and 20, 2023, “certain files” were probably downloaded from the systems without permission.

The examination identified the records that may have been impacted by US citizens. Following that, Exactech started looking for ways to get in touch with everybody who might be impacted. It has now mailed formal notice of the event to everyone for whom it has contact information, the business stated.

Names, Social Security numbers and other government-issued identifiers, bank account, and credit/debit card information, medical and health insurance information, emails, and login details, among other personal information, may all be included in the stolen data. Each person's data exposure is different. Although the number of victims was not stated in the statement, 4,230 people were impacted, according to a data breach notification that was submitted to the Office of the Maine Attorney General.

“Exactech notified federal law enforcement and is notifying relevant regulatory authorities as required. At this time, this investigation has found no evidence that any personal information has been misused beyond the initial unauthorized download,” the company stated. Exactech advises anyone who may be impacted to stay alert for any instances of fraud and identity theft. This entails checking account statements for mistakes or questionable activity and making use of free credit reports.


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