Complete Network Protection of businesses and enterprises

An added layer of protection for businesses and enterprises to get total visibility into the network and to reduce risk.

Why does Network protection matter?

Businesses nowadays are at a constant risk of cyberattacks including data theft, system hijacking, SQL code injection, unauthorized data encryption, and whatnot. With threats becoming ever-sophisticated, having only endpoint security measures is not enough. You need a solution that keeps a watchful eye on the network you’re connected to as well. Or, you may lose out on the profitable opportunities that your business might have attracted otherwise.

“The idea that security starts and ends with the purchase of a prepackaged firewall, is simply misguided"

A lot of cyberattacks happen because hackers can easily exploit the vulnerabilities in your business network. TTB works to protect the underlying network infrastructure to safeguard your business from risks that threaten the foundation of your network security. It scans your business network for gaps in security and generates a comprehensive report based on behavioural analysis so you can work on remediating the same. The Active Network Security feature from TTB can help effectively protect your computers and network from threats posed by on-network malicious codes and activities.

How can TTB help?

TTB’s Network Security protection is the best way you can secure your business network from threats and keep your internet surfing safe. With scheduled multiple network scans, it can analyze network behaviour to detect global threats real-time.

As a result, you are able to obtain complete network visibility and ensure business security with significantly reduced number of malicious activities.

Prompt and Real-Time Protection

TTB is supported by advanced learning abilities, meaning it not just analyzes network behaviour but records it as well, to recognize a similar or slightly modified pattern in the future. This makes it rank among the highly reliable cybersecurity software suites available in the market.

Keep your business network safer with TTB!

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