Best-in-class Malware Detection

Use triple-layer Protection to catch malicious file before it spreads into your network. The advanced Malware detection improves the overall network performance and it also reducesthe latency

What is Malware?

Malware refers to malicious software that is developed intentionally to infiltrate a system or the entire network. A malware infiltration results in data theft, identity theft, extortion or crippling of network systems. Whereas, malware detection is a process of detecting the presence of malware using threat intelligence to reduce risk and improve network performance. Malware is designed in such a way that it can infect, steal, explorers or conduct any behavior an attacker wants.

The sophistication of malware attacks is becoming more and more advanced and aggressive every day. Malware, when infiltrate a network, can pilfer personal information, steal personal credentials, take away important data and many more. Malware penetrates a computer through infected websites, infected files or malicious websites in order to steal away personal data.

Alleviate threats with active malware detection

Malware is a potentially harmful software developed to infiltrate systems or a network. This may result in data and identity theft, extortion, and more damage. TTB, powered by a three- layer malware detection algorithm, identifies and blocks any malicious activity that can hamper network security and compromise system data. With hacking practices being more prevalent and hacking tools being more and more sophisticated, ruling out the possibility of a cyberattack is a big mistake. TTB ensures that your systems stay protected at all times with active network behaviour analysis and threat detection.

Instances of cyberattacks on businesses have increased in recent times. Trojan attacks rose to over 70% whereas, ransomware attacks too grew by over 60%. The only reason why businesses are the prime target of hackers is they offer a broader attack surface.

Most businesses never pay attention to securing their first face- their websites and the network. This is what makes them vulnerable to attacks and the most likely target for attackers. Cyberattacks on businesses can be devastating and may either wipe down all the data storage drives or encrypt them. TTB ensures there’s always a provision to detect malicious behavior and block the same before loss happens.

How does it work?

  • File inspection: Inspect files as they arrive through the network
  • Code Scanning: Scans codes and files for malicious signatures
  • Detection and Removal: Malware codes and files are detected and neutralized before they can propagate further.

A Smarter Way to Safeguard Business Networks

TTB Malware Detection empowers businesses with the ability to safely track and block any malware activity before they can harm system files. With TTB, businesses can effectively filter out harmful codes and make provisions for data safety.

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