An Additional layer of protection against ransomware attacks

Powerful next-gen protction technologies to keep the ransom seekers and hackers away from the network

Ever-growing volume, speed and nature of threats require more than just the traditional methods of protection. Modern hacking attempts include dynamic threat launches to infect networks. TTB Firewall is the network security protocol that helps monitor and control the traffic that comes and goes through your network. It filters out harmful codes, software, viruses, and threats from infecting your system. TTB filters out any attempts made by hackers related to unauthorized access on your system through harmful codes and more. Gain visibility into the top threat actors, any suspicious behaviour, and identify the source of infection for a timely remedial action.

How does a firewall help ensure security?

Firewalls restrict unwanted network activity that try to steal private and confidential data and files. The firewall protection flat-out ceases activities related to ransomware, spyware, viruses, trojans, and other malware attacks. TTB in comparison also follows the same methodology and helps individuals and businesses secure their systems effortlessly.

Gain complete business visibility

Comprehensive reports on the system security status, thus giving you full visibility into the business network. Monitor, control and respond to threats and activities across devices, and any external drives attached to the systems.

Alleviate insider threats

There can nothing be more devastating than an insider leaking your data to your competitors. TTB prevents such misuse from insider threats by blocking any unauthorized connections and USB reading on your business systems. Every time that a USB is attached or an unknown software is installed, you get a message alerting you of the same.

Real time support

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