Governance in Cybersecurity: The Board Function

Boards need to maintain a watchful eye on cyber security governance as cyber threats change.

Effective cyber security governance requires an understanding of danger and the management of cyber risk, and boards are essential in making sure of this. Boards have the legal obligation and accountability for ensuring cyber governance within their organization. But they also have the chance to use technology's advantages, set the direction of their business, and create genuine value for the entire organization.

We are thrilled to provide our newest video, "The Board's Crucial Role: Understanding Threats and Providing Assurance on Cyber Risk." The general hazards that organizations face in the constantly changing cyber landscape are discussed in this video by Tasha Grayson, the deputy director of NCSC assessment, and Paul Chichester, the director of operations for the NCSC.

They emphasize how crucial it is for boards to be involved in the decision-making process when it comes to cyber security so that they can safeguard their company while also taking advantage of the potential presented by technology.

Upcoming Cyber Governance Training Pack for Boards

The NCSC has committed to creating an extensive and engaging online "Cyber Governance Training Pack" for Boards in the upcoming year. Boards will gain insightful information and useful advice to improve their comprehension of cyber security governance from this. The course will supplement the proposed Cyber Governance Code of Practice by the Department of Science, Technology, and Innovation (DSIT), which is presently accepting comments through March 19.

  1. The Code of Practice outlines important steps that senior leaders, including executive and non-executive directors, should take to improve their cyber resilience and cyber risk governance.
  2. The NCSC's current Cyber Security Toolkit for Boards offers instructions on how to put the Code's recommendations into practice.

Boards need to maintain a watchful eye on cyber security governance as cyber threats change. Thanks to our film, Board Toolkit, and forthcoming training, boards are more equipped to recognize risks and implement efficient governance. Later in the year, we'll provide you with an update on our progress. Watch this space for more announcements.

Wrapping It Up

In the dynamic realm of cyberspace, boards are essential to efficient cybersecurity governance. It's critical to recognize hazards, control risks, and take advantage of technological advancements. The critical function that NCSC experts play is highlighted in our video. To further empower boards, an exciting project called the Cyber Governance Training Pack is under work. Watch this space for updates!