TTB Advanced Behavioral Detection powered by threat intelligence

Keep an eye on hackers with enhanced behavioral analyzer to avoid becoming a victim of online foes.

With cyberattacks being increasingly prevalent, bypassing the conventional methods of threat scanning has become a lot easier. During this evolution in hacking and similar malpractices, having an orthogonal approach towards threat detection is the need of the hour. TTB accurately tracks the behaviour exhibited by malicious codes and blocks the execution immediately upon detection. It helps minimize the complexities associated with ensuring security and improves productivity.

Powered by ML and AI to accurately predict behaviour and uncover threats

TTB helps leverage complete control on your business network to minimize adverse cyber-incidents. By detecting deviations from the normal behaviour patterns at the earliest stages, it is able to prevent larger issues. Behaviour based detection is a part of the TTB’s next-gen security measures to protect businesses and individuals against ransomware attacks, data loss, and security breaches.

Key Features

TTB prioritizes analyst workloads and helps improve productivity. The features include:

  • Behaviour Analytics based threat detection including insider threats, credential-based attacks, ransomware and other malware attacks.
  • Automated analyst investigation and easier proactive analysis.
  • Security alert prioritization to ensure the most critical of issues get undivided attention.
  • Automatic lateral movement detection including changes in access credentials, IP addresses or devices.
  • Interoperability with all major SIEM and Incident Response solutions.
  • Ease of setup and use with scalable multi-node architecture.

Secure your business with a strong user and entity behaviour analytics solution now!

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