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What is Phishing?

Before we talk about Anti-Phishing protection, you need to understand phishing. Phishing refers to an attempt by hackers or cyber criminals to steal confidential information and data. Phishing attempts are mostly carried out via an email but many other modern tactics are used by hackers to steal the information nowadays. A successful attempt results in identity theft, data theft or credit loss.

How phishing impact your business?

Phishing cause data breach which leads to make customer as well as companies insecure. Reputational damage of company will cause high loss which ultimately affects business. It is very difficult to identify those attacks as modern hackers use vague tactics and strategies to befool victims. They hide behind domains and attack; even security-savvy users can’t stop them.

TTB’s approach to real-time anti-phishing

Phishing is considered to be the #1 cause of breaches for end-users and businesses today. TTB provides best in class protection against the most prevalent threat end-users, enterprises and businesses face today. TTB leverages advanced, accurate and most effective protection to prevent security breaches and data loss. Websites are verified using advanced threat intelligence to ensure they are legitimate.

With millions of phishing websites appearing and disappearing in the blink of an eye, a technology to provide significantly better protection against such zero-hour phishing threats is needed. TTB, supported by advanced learning and threat intelligence provides best in class protection against pervasive threats businesses and enterprises face today.

TTB real-time Anti-phishing services and technologies crawl potential phishing links, determine their risk level and provide effective protection against potential phishing attacks. Empowered by threat intelligence and threat detection, TTB internet security analysts and monitors millions of files, emails and other data points for the latest threats. Anti-phishing service protects the end-users and enterprises from data loss and expensive security breaches.

Real time support

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